quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Rosebuds on Fashion and beauty

Www youtube .com / watch =? v ZmwRgTSqT9U
Styling: Diogo Andrade @D.A Prods for Victim Models
Model: Tita
               Photo by:Filipe carminé

Www youtube .com / watch =? v ZmwRgTSqT9U

Painting Acrylic Oil and glitter: Diogo M. Andrade
Trends: bright colours/ Cores algres e vibrantes
                                                        Pinks, blues, yellow on eyes and cheeks

Earth tones on eyeshadows and gold (as highligther), luminescent skin, matte foundation powder on T-zone, rose Cream blush (Benefit or YSL) are good ones. IF not, try to use a bit of moisure Pink lipstick as a blush blending it into skin. Play with matte Nude lips, paler  pinks,purples or Indigos on lips.

Styling: Antonio Frasão
                                                               Make-Up&hair: D.A
All Make-Up & Hair: Diogo Andrade for D.A Prods2011  @Geraldine for Rua mag
Models: Cristina and Carolina@New Faces Agency (lisbon) and Damara.
Backstage Photography: Diogo Andrade for www.artistitry.blogspot.com  at D.A Prods.2011
@all rights owned by the author and protected by law. 

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Anónimo disse...


Anónimo disse...

Tenho orgulho de quem escreve assim e é tão frontal acerca dos assuntos profissionais e mesmo politicos. Diogo, as maquilhagens e as fotos das flores são 5*!!!

Anónimo disse...

Super. Bon travail, mon artiste.

Grace disse...

Amazing blog. So is this Fashion work done in Portugal? Let me know when it comes out more...

Paco disse...

es que eso de lo politico és muito actual e muito triste, pero uno tiene que decir la verdad.

Isabel disse...

Ao regressar trabalho depois de uma pausa onde fiz Google search, finquei encantada com o que li e o que vi.

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